2 North SR 25 Fish Lake, UT 84744 . (435) 638-1000
 2 North SR 25 Fish Lake, UT 84744 ~  (435) 638-1000
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Fish Lake Resorts ® 2 North SR 25, Fish Lake, UT 847

  Although Splake and Rainbow trout are commonly taken, the lake is especially famous for its 20, 30 and even 40-pound Mackinaw lake trout. (Any Mack under 10-pounds is called a ”pup” and not considered worth keeping by local fisherman)

  Fish Lake Lodge is a lodge in the truest sense of the word. Under construction from 1928 until 1933, and built of native spruce logs, the lodge measures 80 X 320 feet, and is one of the largest and most impressive log structures in the United States.

  Fish Lake is one of Utah's most beautiful mountain lakes. Measuring six miles long and a mile wide, the lake's 160-foot depth and crystal clear waters provide some of the West's finest year-round fishing.